Going around – the good, the bad and the funny in videos

Being a good pilot is a lot about being a good decision maker. Mostly all decisions can be revised and corrected but not always. And when the time is short, the number of options can go down rapidly. The paramount of decision making is on short final, when flying low and slow. Going around or not… this is a binary decision and there are only a few rules. But when you see the ground already or when you “feel” you’ll see it soon, it can be hard to overcome gut feeling with a rational decision. 

The three videos below are all about going around and show the good, bad and funny parts of going around…Continue reading

Lesson learned: failed mixture control

This post is a report from fellow pilot about an in-flight incident involving the mixture control. By the time it was written, the author was a private pilot from New Jersey, working on his commercial certificate and instrument rating. Vincent. It was a routine cross-country for me, a round-robin from …

Weird Aviation Video – Chick in the Cockpit

I like aviation videos a lot. I probably like aviation videos even more than fail videos and cat videos. I look at tons of aviation videos and pick-up the best for this website. Many are not interesting. Some are awesome, some have a great learning value. Some are “wow” some are …